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Our enormous team of TWO is working away trying to get Science Donors ready.
We hope to officially launch soon. We need your opinions about how this can work. If you want to join early or think you can help, please Contact Us.



The public can decide where science takes us by funding exactly what they believe in.



Science can flourish despite political changes and government funding cuts.


Science gets Done!

Most importantly, "Science Gets Done" with help from the people it was meant to help.

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  1. Science Donors Introduction

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    Welcome to Science Donors

    Here you’ll find people helping science.

    This is a science crowdfunding website where scientists share their science with the public and the public picks which science projects to help with donations. It is also a crowdsourcing website that allows anyone to help science without the need for money.

    Science Donors creates an environment encouraging the public to donate straight toward the projects, labs, scientists, science writers, bloggers and science genres they think are best for the world through science crowdfunding and crowdsourcing.

    Science projects allowed

    Science projects of various kinds can accept donations on Science Donors through crowdfunding efforts. Some crowdfunded science projects supported will include science experiments, science blogs, science websites, science fairs, science magazines, movies, citizen science, documentaries, science books, tv shows, computer software, robotics and open public science.

    Who can start a science project?

    You do not need a degree to sign up to receive donations. You just have to have a great idea for a science project and a plan. If it is a good one, that many will believe in, you will get donations. If you fail, you can try again. We welcome professional scientists, citizen scientists, bloggers, journalists, website owners, teachers, professors, artists, biohackers, open science advocates, students, retired scientists, DIY scientists and science fans in general.

    What do the other Science Donors do?

    Science donors can choose any science project they want to support. Support comes in the way of money donations, volunteer work, science equipment, computer donations, testers and many others. Science crowdfunding at Science Donors allows the public to contribute to science in more ways than just financially.

    Science Donors of all incomes can help without spending any money

    We believe what sets our service apart is the inclusion of low income citizens’ opinions in deciding which science projects get funded. No money is necessary for a member to contribute to a science project. In fact, members may have more influence on science by their free activity in Science Donors than by the money they donate. Science Donors will be rewarded for contributions through project discussions for example. Science Donors with great community reputation will have more influence on science projects and unspecified donations.

    Verification process for professional and citizen scientists

    Science projects involving university, or professional labs will be verified by Science Donors before donations are funded. For these cases, we will provide additional verification forms which can include requests for university phone numbers, contacts, references, phone call and similar requests. These members will have a special “verified” badge next to their name and avatars across the website.

    Other science crowdfunding projects will not require additional verification. The public will determine the potential for the project. These can include science projects to build a science blog for example. A user may sign up to receive donations for web hosting, graphic design costs, web design costs and even an amount for writing blog posts. If the plan sounds great and you gain the public donors’ confidence, you will be on your way with donations to start up the blog.

    You get more than one chance.

    All failed attempts at science project donations may be tried again. We suggest changing the goal amount of donations, change the plan, interact more and answer questions from interested donors to have a better chance.

    Science Donors Launch Date

    We have been working on this idea and numerous science crowdfunding websites since 2006. We know there are a lot of issues for improvement in our model and we are trying to solve some of the most important ones now. We hope to have a safe, functioning website ready to accept the first donations in May.

    Help Needed

    My wife and I are trying to build this thing with open source tools and on a budget of nearly $0. We need all types of help. We need ideas. We need coders efficient in PHP, XHTML, WordPress and integrating APIs. We need APP developers. We need money. We need early adopters willing to test. We need you to link to us. We need you to blog about us. We need you to talk about us on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and your favorite networks. We need to know someone out there wants this. How about it?

    Want to sign up early and start helping? Sign Up

Welcome Science Donors

Science Donors welcomes all scientists, researchers, students, biohackers, open scientists, science crowdfunding gurus, science bloggers, universities, labs, science enthusiasts, citizen scientists and everyone that wants to help science improve the world around us.

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